— Days Without Shea —

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by Kingman on March 29 at 8:52AM
So Kingman took a few months off to make some career changes, fight a hurricane and such. I promised I would start writing again when there was some positive Met news to dish.

So I waited.

And I waited.

Then I woke up today and saw Johan all over the news. Great, this can only be good news right? Right?

And so it goes.

First Johan pitched a no-hitter. Now we have no-pitcher. His Met career...possibly is entire career, is over. He will forever be remembered for his nine innings of glory in 2012. But for Kingman, he will be cherished for the penultimate game of the 2008 season, when he held off the Marlins and brought the Mets into a wild-card tie and a final Shea Showdown. For a moment, our beautiful old relic of a ballpark had a stay of execution, thanks to Governor Santana's call to glory.

But like all things Mets, our dreams were torn, just like Johan's shoulder this morning is a ripped mass of muscle, headed for the surgeon's scalpel.

Thanks for the memories.

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