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by Kingman on September 9 at 8:12AM
As mentioned the other day, the Mets are honoring Chipper Jones all weekend. Loge13 does not condone this behavior but we are pleased to see any references to Shea Stadium in the news.

Here is the Chipper/Shea tribute painting the Mets commissioned for Jones in recognition of his relentless torment of Met fans:


At a press conference, Chipper was asked about his eight-year-old son Shea and whether it was difficult for the boy to understand why he was named after a demolished stadium for a one-time hated rival team:

"It wasn't very hard for him, because his room has been decorated in orange and blue from the very get-go. He has murals on the wall of baseball players and Shea Stadium. I've given him replicas of Shea Stadium throughout the years. He had two stadium seats in his closet, bolted to the floor so he can sit in them and get dressed every morning for school. Whenever a stadium flashes up on TV, he goes, 'Is that my stadium dad?'

"He just turned 8, and he's a pretty good athlete. He was hitting a pitched ball before he was 3 years old. So his hand-eye coordination is there. He's one of the best football players on his team. ... He's paid me back for a lot of the bad things that I've done in my life up to this point. He's my one that I have to go get out of the principal's office from time to time. He's a great kid."

At this point, I am wondering if Chipper will go into the Hall of Fame as a Met.

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Paul said

Dear Kingman,
Hearing the Mets would not be allowed by MLB to wear first responder caps during the game of 9-11, I sent an E-Mail to the Mets expressing my disgust and for them to defy MLB and any and all repercussions it may cause and WEAR THE CAPS in game.
I was answered with a voice mail from Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Mr. David Newman. He told me he would be in his office, tomorrow (Monday) afternoon to discuss my concerns. I'm telling you this so that if any other LOGE 13'ers feel the same way, they too can express their concerns. His number is 718-565-4305....Paul

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