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by Kingman on August 27 at 10:04AM
We all knew this was going to be a rough year. Fortunately, the Mets surprised with a remarkably strong first half of the season, ending up 46-40 at the All-Star break. David Wright was posting career stats. Dickey made the All-Star squad. Johan exorcised our no-no demons. So if nothing else, at least The Mets wouldn't embarrass themselves in 2012.

Not so fast.

It seems the Mets may be on pace to have the worst second half collapse in baseball history, according to the WSJ. As they see it:

"No team that was more than five games above .500 before the break (the Mets were 46-40) had a second-half record worse than the Mets' 13-29--a .310 winning percentage. If the Mets keep it up, they'll sink even further than the 1983 Angels, who went 42-36 (.538) in the first half, then 28-56 (.333) in the second."

So now The Mets have a goal - play better than .333 baseball so we don't end up like the 1983 Angels.

Here's a helpful chart to put it all in perspective:


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