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by Kingman on August 23 at 9:56AM
After a long hiatus, we got back to Citi Field this summer, just in time to watch the 2012 collapse in an intimate setting.

The Kingman clan needed two extra tickets for Wednesday night's game so we contacted our ticket rep. Not only did he give us two extra tickets, he gave them to us for free. AND he upgraded our seats to field level, section 126 to be exact. We had never sat in that part of Citi Field before so here is some video of the view. This is Matt Harvey striking out Jonathan Herrera in the 1st inning:

Life was so much easier then. Harvey was locked in - he would strike out 5 of the first 6 Rockies and finish with nine K's for the night. Sadly, he would leave the game with the score tied. Ramon Ramirez required only two pitches to surrender a home run and the lead to Wilin Rosario. The Mets ultimately lost the game 5-2 and for the 5th game in a row, the blue 7 orange failed to scored more than two runs.

Still, the few hundred folks who were there with us really enjoyed Matt Harvey's 6th major league start. Harvey also had two hits - his second multi-hit game, which is one less than Jason Bay. With Johan Santana now officially shut down for the season, things are looking rough. Meanwhile, we still have four more games in our plan. If we keep getting upgrades, we might even be pitching a few innings before the 2012 campaign is over.

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Paul said

Wow, with your posts few and far between,I figured you guys gave up your plan. But who can blame you. Just another season filled with empty promises and the same poor results.

Also I think with ALL the empty seats, the Mets could have done a little better than outfield seats for a group of LONG TIME PLAN HOLDERS....

But that's just it. Management does care and hasn't for a LONG TIME! Do we forget how we were treated after the 2008 Season? How at first they wanted us to upgrade to "Season Tickets" and when that didn't work, offer bogus plans with seating ONLY in the Promenade. Forcing Saturday and Sunday Plan holders to buy 5 middle-of-the-week games they don't want, or like us, replacing our earned LOGE SEATS with Promenade Outfield. That was the last straw for me and have not been to 15 games since 2009.

Sure, at first, I missed it. But now, I'm glad I told them to stick it, When I do go, I get great Loge type seats between the bases from Stub Hub. And at least 35% off face value.

Will be going this Saturday for the last time in 2012. I hope you guys enjoy your last 4 games. As for me, no ticket plans for 2013, not until ownership gets their head out of their a-- and shows us fans "SOME RESPECT"!

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Kingman said

Good to hear from ya, Paul. Yes Loge13 had an extended slowdown the past month, which coincided with the Mets extended slide from contention. Coincidence?

Indeed we do remember how we were treated after 2008. Hence Loge13's existence. Honestly, though, this has probably been the best year at Citi Field. We had very low expectations going into the season and this team has been fun to watch (until about mid-July). The front office has been very accommodating as well, with multiple offers of upgrades, free tickets and other goodies. It takes alot to make Kingman say good things about the Mets organization but they are finally taking planholders seriously, cuz we're all they got!

But you're certainly saving yourself plenty of aggravation and cash by going the StubHub route. Come September, you could probably buy a ticket on the bench.

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