— Days Without Shea —

by Kingman on March 7 at 10:27AM
Great post over at MetsHotCorner.com about our favorite subject, Shea Stadium.

Definitely go over and read the entire homage to Shea. This graf especially rang true:

"It was a treat to sit in field level and all the good eats were down there - yet I still preferred a hot dog. You felt special in the Loge, but Mezz was just as good. You always found yourself in the Uppers with your second family, but that was the best spot in the park. You saw everything from up there and with your people."

Shea always was a tiered community, united by everyone's love for the Mets. In the new ballpark, thanks to endless promotions and corporate boxes, many in attendance are barely aware a game is going on. Fans migrate from restaurant to bar to center field to stores, occasionally glancing at TV's to check the score. Shea was where people came to see a game, because there wasn't much else to do (especially after they closed Casey's Pub!).

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