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The Mets have officially announced the return of Banner Day.

The format will be slightly different. Banner Day will return Sunday, May 27 prior to the Mets playing the San Diego Padres at 1:10 p.m. at Citi Field. In its original incarnation, Banner day was often a doubleheader, with the parade of posters and bed sheets occurring between games.

My friends and I did participate in one Banner Day. It was 1985, the season after a young prospect named Ross Jones came up, had a couple good games, then disappeared. 

We went to banner day with two banners. One said "Bring Back Ross Jones." The other banner was really just a sandwich board that said "Or Die." We did not win any prizes. If you were at any banner Days between 1963 and 1996, Loge13 would love to see some photos or hear some tales.

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Jon Keller said

I was at several banner days.... six times I won prizes ( second place twice ).... and I have photos of ALL of my banners.... if you give me an email address I can share the files.

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Kingman Author Profile Page replied to Jon Keller

Cool! Send 'em to kingman AT blogsbyfans.com

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Ross Jones said

I was proud to walk on the field with you that day Kingman. I remember all of us bending down and grabbing a few blades of grass.

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Plumber Bedford said

So nice to read about banner day.

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