— Days Without Shea —

by Kingman on December 4 at 10:26PM
According to published reports tonight, Jose Reyes has signed with the Marlins for 6 years and $111 million.Sandy Alderson has said as much in a press conference as well.

Very mixed emotions about this. I didn't think Jose would remain but I hoped he would. I didn't want the Mets to overpay and sign a six or seven year deal, but I hoped they would. Bottom line: the Mets were simply more exciting, more distinctive with Jose around.

But yes, he was a fragile superstar. Even with young hamstrings, the guy still spent alot of time on the DL. The Marlins may be paying a ton of money for a guy who only plays about three of the six years on his contract. Only time will tell. Tonight I'm just sad.

And when you step back and think about it: is $111 million that much money for a New York-based team to pay for its marquee player? So what if they got into a bidding war? Would $130 million have been too much? We're still paying for Bobby freakin' Bonilla. The Mets didn't even get in the game. As a result, plenty of Met fans won't be getting to the game next year. Citi Field will be a lonely place.

And so, here's one final look at Jose's last moments as a Met:

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