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The Kingman crew was at Citi Field today for the last game of 2011. We took the kids out of school and took a day off to officially say goodbye to summer...and possibly to Jose Reyes.

Jose entered the day with a .3358 batting average, just barely ahead of Braun. Here is Jose's last leadoff at-bat of 2011 (and maybe his Met career):

A few seconds after I stopped recording, Jose was pulled out of the game. He was now hitting .337; Braun will need to go 3-4 to claim the NL batting crown. Reyes rushed off the field and put his fate into someone else's hands.

Should Reyes have remained in the game? I think so. I don't begrudge the guy for wanting to win the title but it would have been nice to earn it, not back into it. I get the feeling his Met career is over. I hope I'm wrong. What do you think?

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Paul said

What makes me sick is that it was Reyes who took himself out of the game. That just shows he is selfish and we don't need that on our team.

As for whether he stay or goes put yourself in his shoes. At 28 years old, this will be his last "Big Pay Day". Knowing the track record of ownership, with their ability to acquire quality free agents and the talent in the minor leagues, Do you think we will see a "RING" any time soon? So does he stay? Same answer!

Bring the fences in all you want, seems like the visiting team didn't have any problems?

With 47 Home loses, the Mets were tied for third in Worst Home Record in 2011. This has got to change!!!

Until this occurs, looks like only more empty green seats at $iti Field next year.

P.S. Season & Plan Renewal Deposit Letters will be going out. The sooner you send them back, the sooner we can screw you....

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Rustyslob said

More importantly what will the enthusiastic fellow in the video do with his Reyes jersey?

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