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Shea Stadium Festival for PeaceLoge13 is not your typical met blog. We don't comment on every Met game, every Met moment. There's plenty of other places for that. Originally, I was just writing Loge13.com to commemorate the demise of Shea Stadium. The blog was to go when Shea went. But people liked it (well, some people did) so I've kept it up.

I'm not exactly sure what the mission of Loge13 is now. But I can guarantee you this: we are, without a doubt, THE ONLINE COMMUNITY AND RESOURCE for the Shea Stadium Concert of Peace.

That show, which occurred 41 years ago today on August 6th, 1970, featured some of the greatest acts of the time, from CCR to Paul Simon to Johnny Winter. The show was also the last U.S. performance of Janis Joplin.

Since my original post in 2007, dozens of fans have commented about their experience at the show. There is no footage I can find for that day but there are some cool photos. In fact, photographer Ken Davidoff  contacted me and gave us as an exclusive his account of boozing it up with Janis and Johnny

People continue to find Loge13 and post their memories of the gig. Each year, I harvest the most recent recollections and republish them. The best part: to this day, concert goers still can't agree if Jimi Hendrix played or didn't play that day. What caused everyone to have such faulty memories?

Anyway, here are some Festival for Peace comments, collected from various Loge13 posts on the subject since last year. Peace y'all:

Glad to see this, I was just telling a family member about this concert with Janis. I had just said that my biggest disaappointment was that for some reason Jimi Hendrix was not going to be there.Still a great night as I got to see Janis and Creedenc e and Johnny winter and many It was billed as a 12 hour concert.

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Rob said

Hi. I was 13 and my friend Mike was still 12. I think we took a bus to the concert. We sat way up in the seats, but it did not matter. It was my first concert and one of the bes line ups ever. Sat all day, with one great act folowing the next. Remember Janus, Poco, Tina Turner, and CCR the best. Also remember needing to pee really badly by the end of the day! Why are there no films or pictures? I too, still have my ticket stub and a clpping from the newspaper advertising the concert.I think I have seen a copy of the clipping online somewhere once. Great day and I will never forget it!

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Jan said

I went with my 2 best friends from H.S. We went by subway from the Bronx. It was an awesome show, but have minimal recollection of it, so glad that other people have better memories than I do. I later moved to L.A., & my 2 friends wrote to me about "Concert for Bangladesh". Not quite the same! But at least I got to see Janis before she died.& Loved Paul Simon, &CCR, so the slight sunburn was worth the small price of admission.

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Joe Russo said

This concert was the last performance of THE RASCALS with Eddie Brigati--they DID perform. I have about 20 minutes of film footage and an audio recording of The Rascals portion of the show made by one of their employees as he knew it was their final concert--Eddie Brigati actually made an announcement regarding the unstable shaking of the bleachers. Peter Yarrow came onstage and asked Eddie to make the announcement (this is actually in the film footage I have) he says:"cool it in the stands...don't get too crazy..because they're worried about security meausures" Also, Janis Joplin can be seen milling in the background behind members of The Rascals while they were hanging in the dugout waiting to go on--

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Gary said

I met my first wife at this concert a day I will almost remember I was only 16

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Bee said

I was there with my friend Linda D., and Aggie P. who was pregnant at the time. It was an amazing show, and it was more amazing when Janis showed up unexpectedly. Hendrix was not there. We packed a lunch and had a great time. Too bad it wasn't filmed. Maybe someone out there has something on film and they should put it on youtube.

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marc samberg said

Hendrix was NOT there. Joplin was the best.

Chris Mcknight said

My first concert, Johnny Winter rocked the house, Janis Joplin was surprise guest and made them turn off the house lights . Richie Havens had the upper deck swaying to Freedom.

Robin Briguglio said

This was a summer fest for peace concert that was rocking full tilt all day. The stands and railings, seats and everyone attending, was rocking...and it was a little scary. I was 15 and went to school in Manhasset, and about a dozen friends and I took the train into the flushing station, for a day of amazing music! Long, crazy hair, bell bottoms, peasant tops, buffalo sandals...fringed bags and belts...it is such a shame no major videos or photos have emerged......that seems really peculiar. Janis was the highlight for me, and every band there was or became a headliner. It was a very hot day, it was peaceful concert. The concession lines were very long, and I remember people buying juice in those little cans (Mott's?) and sodas......drinking all day to beat the heat. Our seats were perfect..back a few rows from the very front, and the place was packed right up to the nose bleed seats waaaaay up top! it was a the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima which put a stamp on a huge reason for being there.....peace.
Such an exciting day.

Jack said

I went to this concert with my cousin Chris who left early. I stayed for the whole thing. One group that played that no one has mentioned is the Paul Butterfield's Blues Band. Jimi Hendrix was not dead as stated by tvgas, he died 9/18/1970 concert was
8/6/1970. Janis was gone on October 4. I remember that day well, we heard about it during school and couldn't believe they were both gone so quickly.
It is really amazing to me that so little is online about this great show.

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enoch doyle jeter said

was at shea for festival....woodstock the year before....amazing show. joplin stunned us all. wasn't arlo there..?
must look at the old newspaper ad in the old scrapbook. thanks for having this forum...really one of the great shows of all time. peace

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Jimbo said

It was nice to find a blog about perhaps the most obscure "Festival" event of the era. I was 19 and was there from start to finish, and was it ever hot that day ! We were in the Field Box area and were somewhat concerned when the upper deck starting bouncing up and down. I recall that the stadium was not at all packed, in fact, I would be surprised if it was more than 60-70% filled. My memory is usually pretty good about concerts, but either the heat or other more sinister elements have clouded the Shea event a bit. I can say, with certainty, that Jimi Hendrix did not play there. I have a pretty good recollection of Poco, Paul Simon,The James Gang, Johnny Winter And, Paul Butterfield, Creedence, Ten Wheel Drive with Genya Ravan, Sha Na Na, The (no longer Young)Rascals, Janis Joplin (I didn't realize until many years later that I'd seen her final live performance), and then a very out of place Dionne Warwick. I also remember Tom Paxton performing at one point. I also recall Steppenwolf playing, although I saw them so many times it's hard to say with certainty they were at Shea (how about the shows at the World's Fair Pavillion for obscurity). For some reason, I remember an announcement that one of the bigger acts had just flown in from France, but I don't remember which. I don't remember Miles Davis playing there. I know Grand Funk played Shea by themselves, which I didn't see, but I have a vague recollection of them being at the Shea Festival, although I have been told I imagined this, but if I were going to imagine a performance by a band, it sure as heck wouldn't be Grand Funk. Anyway, thanks for the blog. It was a pretty good day of music and introduced me to the concept of severe dehydration since I had a splitting headache for a day or two after, and that had nothing to do with the decibels.

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guy wills said

wow, bought the tickets when I heard it would be Van Morrison and friends, that was enought for me, bought 6 tickets and off we went ot Shea from Jersey. When i talk about great concerts I don't include this one, because it isn't fair to the others. This was a concert that no one could believe unless you were there. I was at third base one section up so I could see the bouncing of the lower stands during Freedom,I left at one point to buy a lot of wine for us, had a hard time getting back in, could not buy a ticket, the windows were closed, in the end I just said I am going in and no one bothered me. when I got back to the seats, I was a hero with the wine, it went well with the other enhancements. What a show WFO for the entire show. Thank you for the show. One other time I bought tickets because it was Eric and friends, turned out to be The Ronnie Lane Benifit at MSG come down from Ma that night and seem another show which is like Shea not counted with other shows. 66 years old now and will be seeing Johnny Winter March 30, for 25 bucks not bad for 2012, we still rock

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Bill McCarty said

I am so pleased that some people remember this show, it was a blast and a one day primer on the expansive nature of rock 'n' roll at the time. I can guarantee that Grand Funk Rail Road were not at this show. I don't think anyone has mentioned that Woodstock Veteran John Sebastian (formerly of the Lovin' Spoonful) did a short, wonderful set early in the day. He and Richie Havens really brought some of the Woodstock mojo with them. The cast of Hair also appeared at some point during the afternoon, but in those days, if you lit up a joint there was a better than even chance that the cast of Hair would show up and do a medley from the show.

I remember being particularly impressed by Poco, the Rascals (I had no idea this was to be their last show; I remember everybody singing along to "People Got to be Free") and Janis Joplin, who, very late in the show, sprinted across the infield to take the stage located out in Center Field. (There were no seats on the field.) She did 3 songs: "Move Over," "Get it While You Can," and "Piece of My Heart." It was her last performance in NYC, and God, she was everything you could have wanted Janis Joplin to be. Only time I ever saw Janis and I'm so glad I got the chance.

I can back up Jimbo's comment about how the place was nowhere near sold out. I think the show was announced only about a week ahead of time, and it seems to me that the top ticket was in the neighborhood of an (at that time) unheard of $10. (That wouldn't even begin to cover Ticketmaster's cut today. My friends and I bought cheap seats and snuck down to the field level.) I can also vouch for the fact that the generally execrable Grand Funk Railroad were not on this show. Nor was the generally brilliant Miles Davis.

Everyone did no more than 20 - 30 minutes, so the sets tended to be really solid and heavy on the hits, something Dionne Warwicke had more than her share of. Steppenwolf did their very political, antiwar "America" suite and "Born to Be Wild" Paul Simon had the misfortune of going on very late in the show and he had to deal with the roadies frantically setting up for Creedence directly behind him while he's playing "The Boxer" solo acoustic. John Fogerty & Creedence Clearwater Revival ended the show with what was probably the longest set of the day, about 45 minutes, and just killed it with a cross section of their first four albums.

All in all this was a memorable show that really was kind of a one-day Woodstock that you could take the subway home from.

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Kingman said

Great comments, folks. Thanks! Love this line:

"The cast of Hair also appeared at some point during the afternoon, but in those days, if you lit up a joint there was a better than even chance that the cast of Hair would show up and do a medley from the show. "

Guy, I was at the ARMS concert at MSG in 1983, the first night. Good to know those shows ranked with the Concert for peace, which I didn't get to see.

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