— Days Without Shea —

by Kingman on August 5 at 9:42AM
The NY Times today reported on Jose Reyes' nascent music career.

His continuing interest in music, never widely noted, has led to the release of a music video in which he has a starring role, a second song getting play on radio stations, a third song on the way and the creation of a record label called EL7 Music, in a nod to his uniform number.

Jose says music is is hobby, like fishing for some other baseball players. Of course, the music industry is a better choice for hobby as it attracts a much more attractive base of clean living citizens than other past times. Still, Jose looks to be having fun and is singing a positive message in his tune No hay amigo." Have a look and a listen:

This is SO much better than other Met musical moments. Longtime Loge13 readers may remember Lastings Milledge ill-advised attempts at rap Mogul-dom. Unlike Jose, Lastings chose to sing about more traditional Rap topics, like ho's and guns. Here's a trip down memory lane for ya, with a clip of one of Milledge's acts:

Loge13 wishes Jose Reyes the best of luck in his music career!

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