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Yesterday, Larry Jones reminisced about Shea Stadium.

In today's NY Times, Barry Larkin talked about how he almost became a Met and how much he loved Shea Stadium...so much that the middle name of his oldest daughter is D'Shea. That's two non-Met ex-major leaguers who named kids after our beloved Shea. I am still not aware of anyone naming a child after Citi Field. Would that be a boy's name or girl's name? Either way, I have decided the next kid a father will be named after Loge13.
Here is the relevant bit from the Larkin interview:

Larkin had a chance to play in October with the Mets in 2000. The Mets traded for Larkin that July, agreeing to send their top prospect, outfielder Alex Escobar, and pitchers Eric Cammack and Jason Saenz, to Cincinnati. None of the players had much of a career, and Larkin, who hit .313 that season, might have helped the Mets win the World Series.

But Larkin vetoed the trade and signed a three-year, $27 million contract extension with the Reds.

"I'm happy I stayed where I was," Larkin said. "In '99, we had a one-game playoff against the Mets. So I was thinking, at that time, we still had a chance to win in Cincinnati."

Even so, Larkin said he would have come to Shea Stadium if the Mets had offered a multiyear deal. His wife was excited about it, said Larkin, who so enjoyed playing in New York that he had given his oldest daughter, Brielle, the middle name D'Shea.

"I absolutely loved it there," Larkin said. "I wanted to be a fighter pilot when I was a kid, so I loved the roar of the engines so close to La Guardia, and the energy of the fans. They would get on me, 'Yo, Larkin, you stink!' And if I did stink at the time, I would say, 'Yeah, I do,' and they'd start laughing. I always had great interaction with the fans. Every time I would go there, I'd recognize some of the same guys. I just really, really enjoyed that."

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