— Days Without Shea —

The Kingman clan went into hostile territory Friday night for a good cause: Paul McCartney at Yankee Stadium.

Here is a taste of the gig, from our perch just beneath the full moon:

This was my first time in the new stadium. Compared to the old place, the revised Yankee Stadium feels much bigger: giant entrance ways, wider corridors, more expansive vistas. Yet they did a nice job retaining the aesthetic of the former residence. Still, my wife and kids all preferred Citi Field, and they weren't just saying it to impress me because they know my feelings on the subject.

I wore a Shea Stadium t-shirt to the gig, just in case Paul McCartney forgot his roots. I ran into one other Met fan and we acknowledged each other. But such is our plight that the Yankee fans who were in attendance couldn't even muster up the passion to mock the Mets. We've sunk so low as to not even inspire some friendly trash talk.

As for the gig, I was mighty impressed. As a certified Stones fan, I have spent most of my life appreciating Sir Paul's oeuvre from a distance. In the past few years, however, I have developed an abiding respect for much of his work, including Wings.

But at Yankee Stadium, I learned that the dude can flat out play as well. McCartney played for close to three hours. No opening act and no leaving the stage, except between encores. Paul never even drank a sip of water on stage. Much different than my heroes, whose singer takes multiple costume break off-stage and whose guitarists smoke Viagra-laced cigarettes between tunes.

Great set list...very few new tunes and the ones he played were great (Dance Tonight, that Fireman single from a few years back). After opening with "Hello, Goodbye," Paul went right into one of my favorites "Junior's Farm." Then he hit on the first of many, many Beatles tunes "All My Loving." I'll have to go find a complete set list but to my recollection, he did at least six tunes from the White Album (including "Helter Skelter") and three from Let It Be (including "I Got A Feeling"). Some excellent Wings selections too, including my guilty pleasure "Let 'Em In." McCartney's got a seriously rocking band too that can summon up an expansive sound from just five musicians.

McCartney didn't mention Shea at all and didn't even talk too much about the venue he was currently rocking. At one point, he did remark "Who is Derek Jeter? Someone said he has more hits than me." Sir Paul is a fantastic showman, with a grandfatherly style of banter that can hush an entire crowd while he relates a tale about Jimi Hendrix, George's Uke or his last gig in Kiev.

The Kingman kids declared this the best show they have ever seen (Full disclosure: the only other show they have ever seen was a free NRBQ gig). All in all, a nice night out. Just wish it was at Citi Field. Did anything happen there last night? 

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