— Days Without Shea —

Jack McKeon is back with the Marlins, who came to New York to beat the Mets 4-1 in a one-game series.

At 81, McKeon is relishing is role as cranky old manager. He angered relief pitcher Randy Choate by removing him with one out in the ninth, then had this to say when asked about Chris Capuano's performance:

"What do you want me to say? He gave up four runs. Did he pitch well? You ask him that. This is the problem you have with guys today. They give up four runs and they think they did a hell of a job. You ask Bob Gibson and one of those guys, Bob Feller and Tom Seaver, if they gave up four runs and you find out what they tell you."

Then Saucy Jack had this to say about Citi Field and Shea Stadium:

"The clubhouse is just a little bit better. I don't see any rats running around," said McKeon, holding a cigar in his fingers as he sat in the dugout. "I guess they probably get an A-rating from the health department. I don't know what the old place got."

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