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Jethro TullSaturday was the 35th anniversary of Jethro Tull's historic gig at Shea Stadium.

The gig was noteworthy for the bi screens used to broadcast the festivities throughout the stadium, dubbed "Tullivision" (the predecessor to DiamondVision). The show was also plagued by sound issues, weather and fan-tossed fireworks. Hmm, sounds like an old Jet game. Read our original post on the gig here, including the Jethro Tull set list.

Many Tull fans have left comments through the years on that post. Fortunately, Tom remembered the anniversary and posted his own musings. Thanks Tom. And may you all never grow too old to rock and roll and always stay too young to die.

More on Shea Stadium's rock & roll history here.

Here is Tom's memories of July 23rd, 1976 at Shea Stadium:

Published July 23rd always makes me think of that night at Shea with Tull. Not being a baseball fan, it was the only time I was ever at the stadium and even though it rained and yes the planes drowned out the music at times it was a show I have never forgotten. I don't remember the time between sets being so long but I was with someone special who I still miss to this day that evening. I do recall a very long subway ride back to the port authority which included several changes and we arrived after the last bus to our home town in New Jersey had left but we found an alternative and had a major walk home at 2:00am but in retrospect it was worth it as any Tull Concert was. Saw JT many many many times after that at Radio City, Madison Square Garden and many other venues over the years. I stopped attending their concerts about five years ago. I would rather remember all the great times before Ian Anderson lost his ability to sing. I feel bad for him when I see how bad it has gotten on Youtube. There is a time for all of us to retire. I'm glad I was able to be a part of Rock History at Shea. How I wish we could still buy concert tickets for $7.50!

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Paul said

I was at that concert...I STILL have the ticket stub. Would like to send you a picture of it if you tell me how.....Thanks, Paul

[July 27, 2011 9:13 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Kingman Author Profile Page replied to Paul

Got it via e-mail Paul! I will post.

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