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by Kingman on July 26 at 10:23AM
Loge13 kudos to whoever gets that headline reference (no Goggling).

According to today's NY Daily News, Pagan has been sulking around the clubhouse, worrying teammates and manager Terry Collins.

A few days ago, Pagan left the Marlins game dizzy and was believed to be dehydrated. It turns out he has had multiple in-game incidents like this and is now undergoing blood tests.

Meanwhile, his brooding has become more noticeable and there is even a rumor that the Mets may cut him after the season.

Is he bummed about his weak 2011 season? Upset about the inevitable departure of his mentor, Carlos Beltran? It's not clear. But if his blood tests reveal anything serious, the Mets may be losing two outfielders this week.

Which begs the question, do we have the stomach to stick Murphy back in the outfield? He has been a complete disaster at first since Wright's return. Saturday night, he failed to get off the bag to snag an errant Wright throw. That kept the Marlins alive, leading to a home run later in the inning. Keith got all over Murph for that display of "inexperience."

Yesterday, Murph almost killed our closer as Izzy went to cover first. Instead of tossing the ball, Murph tumbled and stumbled to the bag, knocking the legs out from under Jason. I love Murph but we gotta hide him somewhere.

Here is the Pagan article:

Angel Pagan, in 2010, was the guy who told you he believed in the Mets, even when it was clear the team was sinking. He was smiling. He was chatting. He was productive, and he was engaged.

Angel Pagan, in 2011, is the guy with the headphones, staring into his locker. He is often frowning. He is not productive, and he seldom interacts with teammates. Why?

"I'm fine," Pagan insisted on Friday, a few minutes after a 20-minute meeting with Terry Collins. The manager wanted to know if everything was OK, and coincidentally, a reporter was wondering the same. Carlos Beltran has also sat with Pagan for numerous long talks this year.

After the meeting with Collins, which was respectful but delivered no clarity or resolution, the weekend brought another issue, when Pagan left Sunday's game with dehydration. Because he has experienced midgame fatigue for about a week, the Mets sent him for blood work Monday, and are awaiting the results. There is that immediate problem, but there is the larger concern about his sudden quiet.

"The reason I'm not talking to people as much is when I'm going bad, I don't want to bring my teammates down," Pagan said. "I'm just trying to focus and get better. That's all. I'm fine."

Pagan's performance contradicts the notion that 2010 signaled a rise toward prominence. Finally healthy after years of injuries, Pagan batted .290, with a .340 on-base percentage. He convinced the Mets that he could assume center field duties in the post-Beltran era.

Beltran, always a mentor of Pagan's, says he is less concerned because Pagan is still working to improve. "Sometimes when you don't get the result you want you take it personal," Beltran said. "He is still coming in every day, getting in the cage, working on his things. I guess it's just a matter of time. The talent is there."

But the future is cloudier. Batting .232, with a .306 on-base percentage, Pagan has not impressed some members of the new regime. One team insider even speculated - while stressing that he was merely thinking aloud, and no decisions have been made - that Pagan was a candidate to be non-tendered this winter.

Whether or not that is a serious consideration, its mere mention tells of this year's disappointment. This is probably why the once-happy Met is quieter this year.

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Paul said

It is painful to watch Daniel Murphy flail around in the field. However, he will not gain experience and have a chance to improve until he gets one position and has the chance to stay there.

If he wasn't the third best hitter on the team this year, I'd suggest dumping Murphy.

The last two months of 2011 are unimportant - we need to start thinking about 2012. And that means giving Daniel Murphy the chance to play second base every day, since that's going to be the only position open for him next year.

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