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by Kingman on May 20 at 2:47PM
I am stunned that the Yankee/Met subway series is 15 years old this year. I am still trying to get used to Intra-league play.

The first several years, I went to at least one subway series game. The games themselves were good but the crowds got a bit unruly. My cousin and I were at the very first game -- a.k.a. the Dave Mlicki game --  where a Yankee fan behind us physically assaulted a dude next to us who he incorrectly accused of cheering a Yankee injury. 

This weekend is critical for our Mets, no matter who they are playing. We are one game under .500 and finding ways to win, no matter who is hurt or what is falling from the sky. Loge13 gives Terry Collins alot of credit; lets hope he can keep the kids focused on the job at hand and not let them get knee deep in the hoopla.

Meanwhile, the NY Post is running a poll, asking who the "Least Valuable Player" is in Subway Series history.  They are looking at overall stats, which is fine. But for most Met fans, the LVP will always be Luis Castillo, who failed to make the candidate list. However, Clemens is on the poll. Despite his cheating steroid ways, Roger was Yankees 2-3, with 4.73 ERA  over five starts. Guess his HGH dealer was out of town those weekends. Feel free to vote early and often for this juicer.

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