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Today is the home opener for our Mets. Time for new beginnings, fresh starts.

Or at least a restart. After the Mets got off to a 3-1 start, they are now a .500 team, not too shabby considering they started on the road.

The Loge13 crew will be out there for opening day. Drop a comment if you are going to be out there too.

Meanwhile, our own Ron Hunt reports that the commuter lot is closed. All of you driving out to the stadium then commuting to work will need to find parking elsewhere, like Corona. Way to start the season, Citi Field.

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Doug said

The Commuter Lot was open on Friday, 4/8 for Opening Day. Only problem was it was $19 to park.

The Commuter Lot will be charging event rates for the Friday Yankees Subway Series game, and all dates that the US Open runs... same as last year.

The Mets website describing the parking terms at the Commuter Lot are lacking in way of this information.


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