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by Kingman on March 23 at 9:19AM
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The day: Opening Day, 2007.

The place: Shea Stadium.

Meteorologists predicted a cool day, with temperatures struggling to reach the low 50's. No rain was in the forecast.

Nor did weathermen predict the enormous drunk who would fall from the sky and land on 58-year-old Met fan Ellen Massey in the 7th inning, breaking her back and leading to a lawsuit that won't end.

In the latest news, a judge refused to absolve the Mets from any responsibility for Massey's injuries.

Sterling Mets had argued it shouldn't be held responsible for Ellen Massey's injuries because 300-pound Timothy Cassidy's five-row fall onto her neck was "spontaneous and unexpected," and could not be prevented.

In a decision made public yesterday, Manhattan Judge Judith Gische said there was plenty of evidence that the big man was a big problem. Several witnesses said Cassidy was obviously drunk and behaving bizarrely.

One witness said he was being "loud and boisterous," and another testified that "he became real vulgar, started trying to pick a fight with anybody he can."

Cassidy maintains he wasn't drunk, insisting he had only three beers.

The case is expected to go to trial by this summer.

Last October, when the trial was getting started, Massey's lawyers detailed Cassidy's drunkenness, specifically:

- Timothy Cassidy was so blasted before his sloshed tumble onto lawyer Ellen Massey on Opening Day in 2007 he could barely walk, was picking fights with random fans and dropping the "L" from the "Let's go Mets" chants, Massey's lawyer said in court.

- "He was unable to pronounce the word 'Phillies' or say 'Let's Go Mets,'" said Joshua Kelner, Massey's lawyer.

- Cassidy also was berating his fellow fans in the upper deck for not being loud enough, Kelner said.

- "Why aren't you cheering for the Mets? I'll kick your (expletive) ass!" Kelner quoted him as saying.

Sometimes I feel like Loge13 is the only entity NOT suing the Wilpons these days.

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