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by Kingman on March 11 at 3:30PM
Oliver Perez, New York Mets
Ollie has been officially booted from the starting rotation and is competing for a bullpen gig.

Perez told the media that if things don't work out and the Mets cut him, he figures he has 29 other options in the major leagues.

Not so fast there, Ollie. And I'm not just talking about the speed of your pitches.

It is true that alot of other teams would love to have a hard-throwing lefty, no matter how idiosyncratic his approach.

But Ollie is not a hard-throwing lefty anymore. he barely hits 85 MPH these days...and still can't consistently throw for strikes.

But Perez is also not exactly a good fit, chemistry-wise. As we all know, Ollie refused to accept a minor league demotion last year, letting his ego trump what's best for the team.

So if the Mets cut him, I got the feeling he will have few suitors. And anyone who wants him may very well insist he start in the minor leagues. What are you going to say then, Mr. P?

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