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by Kingman on March 24 at 9:29AM
The Mets announced a new ticket package today for Citi Field: Mr. Met's Landing.

It will be here (dig my epic Fireworks skills):

According to the Mets:

Sections 338 and 339 in Citi Field's Left Field Landing are priced at $10 for kids 12 and under and $20 for adults ($20 and $30 respectively for four Marquee game dates).

Mr. Met will visit both sections during every home Mets game.

The site makes no mention on whether your Met Landing tickets gain you entrance into the restaurants on Level Three. Logically they should but we learned up on the Promenade that logic is not a strong suit for Citi Field.

What do you think?

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greek bumble bee said

typical mets malarkey. Lets put the kiddies in the furthest possible location from home plate so they can really enjoy the game and want to come back. UNREAL !! No thanks, I will wait till seats like our old loge 13 location are on sale on stub hub in August for $2 a pop !!!

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Paul said

Jumped on this Kingman, and got lucky....You see there is a bunch of us (14 this year) that worked for a now-defunked airline. Every year since 1989 we have been going to 1 Met Game each summer. We had plans to sit in the Caesars Club Section till this came along.

It was a no brain-er, and saved $46 a seat. It said there is a limit of 2 Adults and 4 Kids a game, but 2 days later they came....ALL 14. After all the crap the ticket office has made us put up with, it was nice to finally to the screws to them for a change....

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kingman said

Good to hear, Paul. The view out there is not too bad at all. Greek Bumble Bee, I hear ya but that locale is actually not too bad if you have young'ens. You're near the batting cages, video games and food/ice cream stands. When the Mets are hopelessly behind in the second inning, you'll be glad you can escape your seats and let your kids see some real baseball played on the whiffle ball field.

[February 13, 2012 11:11 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Ben said

these sections seem to be OK for a view from there, looks like a second row

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