— Days Without Shea —

by Kingman on March 13 at 2:54PM
Don't forget: Mets single game ticket sales go on sale Monday morning, 10:00 AM.

There was a time when that would be a big deal. Between StubHub and humdrum demand, now most can afford to wait.

Just remember: the Mets play hard for the die hard.

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Paul said

Years ago I would be already waiting in line at Shea to pick-up my single game tickets.
For 25 years, I be set with my Saturday Plan. But since they messed with the plan and their over priced ticket prices, today is just a normal day at work.
More fans will be joining the growing number this year in saying "ENOUGH!". Enough of the B.S. Enough of the lies. Enough of the high ticket prices. Like you said Kingman, "Enough of paying more for less!"

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kingman said

Indeed, Paul. There was a time when today was a semi-holiday. Instead, fans will continue their extended holiday from City. It is surprising that with all the revised ticket plans, they still can't bring back the Saturday and Sunday plans.Instead, everything remains segmented as Marquee, Premium, Classic and Value - monikers that make sense to no one except the ticket office folks.

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Kevin Lake said

Amazing, $42 for a promenade reserved game against the Nationals on Opening day, the cheapest seats in the place, give me a break

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