— Days Without Shea —

by Kingman on March 27 at 1:11PM
As I mentioned in yesterday's Art Shamsky post, we went to BeatleFest for the first time. Although I am a Stones guy, the Beatles are still a favorite. I had never really gone to a band convention like the fest but I have to say, I loved the experience.

There was plenty of cool memorabilia to check out and some good interviews with Gary Dreamweaver Wright and former members of Badfinger. But the best part was the fans. There were informal jams breaking out all over the place and two stations where quasi-formal rocking occurred. This jam area in the lobby was a non-stop love-in the entire five hours we were there; every time we walked by, it seemed there was a new instrumentalist. Here is the people's rendition of "The End," with keyboard and trumpet, no less. 

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