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by Kingman on March 26 at 9:41PM
Today was Something. I went to Beatlefest for the first time ever and took two of my sons for the magical mystery tour. The ten-year-old has become a major Beatle fan this year so I thought he'd dig the scene.

We all had a great time. Lots of great music and wonderful people all chilling out to the Beatles. Of course, there was plenty of Shea Stadium memorabilia, and an appearance by Sid Bernstein, the legendary concert promoter who booked the Beatles into Carnegie Hall in 1964 and Shea Stadium in 1965. Sid is a spry 91 years old but still rocking.

Besides the rock and roll music, as an added bonus, Art Shamsky was also there, selling copies of his book "The Magnificent Seasons: How the Jets, Mets, and Knicks Made Sports History and Uplifted a City and the Country." He was very cool as soon as he saw my kids and asked them if they wanted to see a real World Series ring. I had never been that close to a 1969 world series ring before...not a ton of jewels on it. Very tasteful. He chatted a bit about the book. I asked him what he thought of the 2011 Mets' chances. Art shook his head and said it was going to be a long year, especially if they did not get off to a strong start.

After I bought a book, he posed for a photograph (see below). Great guy, Art Shamsky, a true met legend and a gentleman. We will definitely Get Back to Beatlefest next year.


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Paul said

I "STILL" have my "Art Shamsky Bat" which I got on BAT DAY at Shea. Everyone on the block wanted to use it in the daily sponge ball game.

I still use it now and again. You see, it holds the trunk up on my 1966 Ford Fairlane.

I think the Mets only had 1 Bat Day. Does any one know for sure????

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kingman said

I think they had a few days when they gave away mini-bats but it sounds like your Shamsky is a full-size bat. Sounds awesome. I know there was only one flip-flop night.

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