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by Kingman on November 3 at 8:49AM
When the Mets announced the end of the Manuel/Minaya era, Jeff Wilpon said at the press conference that the team would be getting creative with ticket plans this year.

No news has been officially announced on that front but Mets Police readers noticed yesterday that there was some 2011 ticket info on the Mets site and grabbed some screen shots before the images disappeared. You can see the graphics here.

The big difference right away - the layered tiers of tickets (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Value) have been replaced with a new layer (Marquee, Premium, Classic, Value). And on the leaked chart, there are different prices for single game ticket and season ticket prices.

So is there a big difference? Just a few comparisons:

Delta Gold Platinum = $460 no matter what level of ticket (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Value)

Delta Gold Platinum
single ticket price = 440
season ticket price = 396

single ticket price = 440
season ticket price = 396

single ticket price = 440
season ticket price =  396

single ticket price = 440
season ticket price = 396

Caesar's Club TICKET IN CITI FIELD - 2010
Platinum = 98
Gold = 84
Silver = 70
Bronze = 56
Value = 42

Caesar's Club TICKET IN CITI FIELD - 2011
single ticket price = 77
season ticket price = 69.30

single ticket price = 66
season ticket price = 59.40

single ticket price = 55
season ticket price =  49.50

single ticket price = 44
season ticket price = 39.60

And so on. Yes I could have done this as an HTML table to make it easier to read.

Obviously none of this is official so it's silly to quibble too much. Clearly they are still trying to push season tickets...it will be interesting to see if they offer any new actual plans and if they qualify for the reduced pricing as well. Thoughts?

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Doug said

Over in the Citi Field Thread at Baseball Fever, we digested the information gathered. The game / tier breakdown is also over there.

In a nutshell (assuming that info posted is accurate):

1. 10 percent discount for a full season buy. No word if the discount will apply to 15 or 40 game plans.

2. Elimination of Row 1&2 surcharge in Caesar's Club seats, Promenade Club seats, Pepsi Porch, and LF Landing.

3. Significant decreases in pricing for all 100 and 300 level seating - some more than 40% on a full season buy, but typically more than 20 percent. The cost changes for partials cannot be estimated, as the games in each plan (and whether a discount will apply) is unknown.

4. Price INCREASES for 500 level seating (But the 10 percent discount for a full season buy results in a net decrease). All Full Season Plan holders who renew in their location will see a decrease.

It looks as if the Mets are trying to steer returning customers to the lower bowls.

Should be an interesting invoice / renewal letter.


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Paul said

I'm not thrilled with the implications for the Promenade single game ticket pricing, but it's nice that the Mets seem to be recognizing that their season ticket buyers deserve a discount.

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Eli said

The ticket prices for the Promanade Inf Res has INCREASED for the two upper price levels for 2011 (+$5.5 and +$1.5 per ticket respectively). The third 2011 price level is the average of two 2010 price levels (2010 had 5 price levels, 2011 has only 4). Depending on the plan, that could mean a decrease, an increase, or no change (+-$2.50 per ticket). Given that I had a Saturday-plus plan, I will most likley see a small increase. The Value level is the only level with a clear decrease (-$1.50).

This looks like they aren't giving me much incentive to come back.

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kingman said

My first reaction is they are trying to incentivize (not a word, I know) people to upgrade their ticket plans, or at least their seats. Perhaps they also figure some folks on the fence with more costly plans might prefer to downgrade. With this pricing, the Mets intend not to inspire that action by leaving the lowest prices about the same or higher.

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how i bought a car with gambling bonus offers said

I'm a Mets fan for ages and I have always wondered why there are no discounts for season tickets.

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