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by Kingman on October 11 at 2:39PM
The NY Daily News is reporting today that Omar Minaya may remain on with the Mets in a different role after a new GM is hired.

The paper also feels pretty confident that Sandy Alderson will be the new GM.

This isn't a huge surprise. There was no finality to Minaya's tenure during last week's news. To be honest, keeping Omar around isn't such a bad idea, depending on the new GM and his strengths. Here's the piece:

If Sandy Alderson becomes the next general manager of the Mets - and at this moment it is hard to imagine a different outcome - his predecessor, Omar Minaya, could be well-positioned to remain active in the organization.

According to people close to the team, Minaya's relationship with Fred and Jeff Wilpon remains very strong, despite the owners' decision last Monday to remove Minaya from the position he had held since 2004. On that day, the Wilpons and Minaya met at Citi Field and had a brief and respectful conversation during which Minaya basically agreed that a change was necessary.

Minaya is not expected to make a decision about his future for at least another month, several weeks after the Mets name a new GM (that will likely happen before the World Series).

Some time this winter, though, the team and Minaya will discuss his future. Still owed more than $2 million over the next two seasons, Minaya has built many strong relationships with other executives in the league, and is generally respected as a talent evaluator. Throughout the process of debating his role late in the season, Mets brass remained open to retaining Minaya as a scout or adviser - and open to dismissing him altogether, if a new GM wanted that.

According to people familiar with the team's thinking, the assumption in high-level meetings last month was that a younger GM who had not yet worked in that role might prefer not to have Minaya around. A more experienced executive, team hierarchy presumed, might be secure enough in his own position to want to utilize Minaya's skills.

It is not known if any of the people whom the Mets will interview this week - Alderson, Chicago White Sox assistant GM Rick Hahn, Boston assistant GM and onetime Kansas City GM Allard Baird and former Diamondbacks GM Josh Byrnes - will want to work with Minaya. It is worth noting, though, that Harvard Law School grad Alderson's background is not primarily in scouting; Minaya's strengths could complement his perfectly.

Alderson, 62, was the GM of the Oakland Athletics from 1983-1997. He later worked for commissioner Bud Selig's office and served as CEO of the San Diego Padres. Alderson is currently working for MLB to stabilize various issues in the Dominican Republic.

While one of the other candidates could so impress the Wilpons during the interview process that the owners hire him over Alderson, this does not seem likely. It is clear that Selig is invested in Alderson's candidacy. Once Alderson told the Daily News last Friday that he was interested in the position and would meet with Jeff Wilpon on Thursday or Friday, he became the logical front-runner for the job.

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Metsie said

There is one problem with the Alderson Minaya marriage is that Minaya found most of his gems in the latin american market where Alderson has been investigating on behalf of the league for steroid use and age fudging.

My guess is Alderson is probably going to question every player presented from there and that may cause some doubt about Minaya's judgement later on.

I personally think Omar is a good scout and good at finding B level low hanging fruit talent. Where he lacked was in making trades and overvaluing what he had in deciding to make or not make those trades.

I think it can work though so lets see if Alderson takes the gig. After that it doesn't really matter who he hires as scout because we will have a competent GM in charge. Maybe the first since Cashen!

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Ron Hunt said

I'm not convinced that Alderson is the right choice. He has presided over the most steroid abused club in Oakland and then was Selig's right hand during the MLB coverup.

I still think the Mets need someone with the gravitas of Alderman as President, a young GM and an solid Mgr. If Jeff Wilpon remains COO, we're in deep stuff.

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fantasy football award said

I think Alderson is the right man for the job. His tough & resilient.

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