— Days Without Shea —

This looks alot like the upper deck of Shea Stadium, circa 1983.

From Mediaite:

Hey, who wants to see a tennis fight? This one features a wildly-gesticulating young man arguing with an equally-excited older woman during the Djokovic vs. Petzschner match. The shouting match in of itself is extreme for the US Open.

But things take a turn into crazytown at the 1:09 mark, when the woman's even-older husband comes in and actually starts fighting the young bro. Bodies go flying, a commotion is caused, and then the older woman herself gets in on the action.

Eventually the young man, who is quickly turned on by everyone else in the stands, is thrown out, and order is restored. But not before Queens once again stakes its claim as New York's classiest borough.

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Greek Bumble Bee said

Brings back memories of the famous sailor incident when they were relieving themselves right in the seats behind you and Ron Hunt exploded on the usher to get them the hell out of there. AH, the good old days at Shea. Sheafield will never have that charm !!!!

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