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by Kingman on September 7 at 1:50PM
So it's come to this...

This weekend, partial season ticket holders got phone calls from the Mets ticket office. As a sign of their gratitude, they are offering us two free tickets to any remaining home game.

Field level seats at that.

So now, after effectively banning us from the field level restaurants and vantage points for two years, the Mets are giving us two tickets to get down to the front row.

I'll definitely be taking my kids now to the stadium...something I held off on doing all year due to schedules and ticket costs. Usually we go to at least one day game but there were not too many that we could make. And I am not about to pay Citi Field ticket prices for a night game, as my youngest wouldn't make it through the 5th inning.

But how bad is this team -- and the ticket situation at Citi Field -- if the Mets have to dump seats. What will the Mets offer plan holders as an incentive to renew? (Hint: it won't be the promise of a championship team in 2011).

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Paul said

I guess after not having any new ticket sales from about Mid-July, the Mets figured they better try and save face and offer these seats so the place don't look empty. Nice try but we all know its too little...too late.

Not soon enough, the season will be over, the plan renewals will go out, and we will all have a choice to make on whether to renew.

My mind is already made up. Unless there is a change in ownership, its going to be business as usual. These bums have no clue on how to run a baseball team and have turned our Mets into the "Laughing Stock" of baseball.

Sure,they could change the Friday,Saturday,and Sunday Plans so they don't include middle of the week games, maybe trade or sign a new 2nd baseman, center fielder and a 5th starter, Other than that and a new manager, here's what you have to look forward to in 2011...
1B Ike Davis
SS Jose Reyes
3B David Wright
LF Jason Bay
RF Angel Pagan
C Josh Thole
With a staff of
Johan Santana
Mike Pelfrey
Jonathan Niese
R.A Dickey

Looks like the late 70's early 80's again doesn't it?
So unless some real change occurs...I'll be sitting out a 2nd year of being a plan holder and pay half off face value on Stub Hub!

What about you guys???

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