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by Kingman on September 9 at 12:17PM
Man it stinks when your team is out of the running, playing terrible baseball and fighting internally.

The beat reporters have suffered through months of uninspired games and being spun around by the Wilpon/Minaya machine.

All this creates a perfect storm for this week's Walter Reed visit...or non-visit...by three of the most loathed Mets: Beltran, Castillo and Perez.

Look, it is not a great leap to despise at least two of these guys and the BlogoNet is almost completely full with the reasons.

But this "snub" is getting a bit blown out of proportion. I mean, we sorta did these troops a favor by not making them meet Ollie Perez, who couldn't muster up the self-sacrifice to take a trip down to Triple-A this season.

There's more at work here than what you're reading. Beat riders are bored and this kind of copy gets attention these days. NYSportsDog posted an excellent assessment of the situation. Take a trip over there to read it. Some excerpts below:

"I am a 21-year veteran of the Armed Forces, and a disabled vet as well.  I am absolutely appalled by the Press coverage that Carlos Beltran, Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez are getting for not going to Walter Reed.

Why?  It is not big deal that they didn't go.

Carlos Beltran said he visited a VA hospital this off-season and had meetings to attend about his charity on the day of the Walter Reed visit.

Luis Castillo said he is not comfortable around amputees and those with other disfigurements.

Oliver Perez refuses comment, which is his right.

The fact of the matter is that this wasn't a visit to the zoo, it wasn't some mandatory fun, it was a visit to Walter Reed to pay tribute to fighting men.  Why on Earth should someone be forced to do it?  If it was voluntary, then why make a fuss over anyone who didn't attend?


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Mike said

Some very valid points that veteran made. This whole thing got blown way out of proportion, partly due to the fact the three guys absent are the three fans seem to most want off the team (and the hatred for Beltran is so incredibly unwarranted; mark my words, we as fans will regret running him out of town). Gary Cohen said on a broadcast a couple weeks back it was actually the highest turnout of players the Mets have had for one of these things. Why not highlight that? I mean, this team has enough issues that are legitimate, the media didn't need to make something out of what was kinda a non-issue.

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