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Kingman and the entire Kingman clan are in the midst of a two week vacation. However, I had to break Internet silence today. Not because of K-Rod and his family room fisticuffs. Not because of Castillo and his deluded demands to be traded. And not because of David Wright and his cinderblock glove.

No, all these transgressions are just transitory pockmarks in the history of the Mets.

But August 15th is a landmark day worth commemorating. Because today is the 45th anniversary of The Beatles first gig at Shea Stadium.

The show was a watershed moment. No rock band...heck, no music act...had ever played for 56,000 fans at once. There have been thousands of stadium gigs since then but Shea Stadium hosted the first one.  And Shea continued to be THE rock and roll hall of fame and the only stadium to ever host The royal trio of rock - The Beatles, The Stones and The Who.

For more on The Beatles first gig, read on here. For more on Shea Stadium's rock and roll history, read our Shea Rocks section.

And to relive that amazing night 45 years ago, check out the footage below. This gig was before my time but the music is still timeless. And the shots of Shea Stadium in this clip are almost as exciting as the performance clips: 

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DyHrdMET said

i knew i could count on you to remind everyone of this. if they go into a rain delay, i'll try to find the Shea concert in the Beatles Anthology DVDs for my own entertainment.

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Insurance Appointment Setting said

love The Beatles :)

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Stu B said

I was at Citi Field Saturday night for “Billy Joel: The Last Play at Shea.” It had lots of great historical footage of his career, as well as Mets and Jets action at Shea, including the championship celebrations, Game 6, the relief activities in the aftermath of 9/11, the first game back vs the Braves and Piazza’s big home run, the Pope’s appearance in ’79, the Beatles and othe concerts, the final game, a feature on Pete Flynn, and, of course, Billy’s final concert, complete with guest appearances by Tony Bennett, Paul McCartney, and others. Also, great commentary by Seaver, Piazza, and others. Great show!

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