— Days Without Shea —

Nice to be back in Loge13 after a brief summer siesta. The Kingman clan went on a few trips over the past two weeks, including an excellent stay in Cooperstown. My nephew played in a little league tournament up there (more on that later).

Plenty of stuff to catch up on. The K-Rod debacle, Castillo's whining. Bye Bye Barajas. I will be out at Citi Field tonight with Kingman Senior, Ron Hunt and Loge13 original Ross Jones! It'll be like old times, except we'll in a completely different stadium looking at a worse team and paying even more ridiculous prices for beer and food.

Meanwhile, "Last Play At Shea" had it's big premiere at Citi Field Saturday night. Lots of good reviews. I liked this post from "TheNYCGuy" blog. Here's a little excerpt:

"Shea Stadium was like home to me. The often used "It's a dump but our dump" was true. It wasn't fancy. It leaked. It smelled funny and looked older than its 40 plus years but it was a place I had tons of memories. Memories with my father, memories of my teenage years and then memories of my 20s and early 30s. The stadium hosted many dates, many heartbreaks and many milestone birthdays in my life. It was a place I could go to for solace and comfort. A place to celebrate my joy and happiness. A grand dame of ballparks. At least to me.

So the combination of the two left me with a good feeling. The documentary was well done and a quick 90 minutes."

Well said, sir. You are welcome in Loge13 anytime.

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Creative Gift Ideas said

It is sad that Shea is a memory to me now. Thanks for the article.

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