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by Kingman on July 3 at 7:56PM
During today's Nationals/Mets game, my kids asked me what the "K" in K-Rod stands for.

It's official: the "K" stands for "Kill". As in, "Rodriguez is KILLING us this year."

And he killed a great start by RA Dickey today. The Mets had a 5-3 lead heading into the bottom of the 9th. This is what K-Robbed gets paid for. Two run lead. Come in and shut the other team down.

Instead he gives up three walks (one intentional), three hits (including an Adam Dunn double that missed being a walk-off grand slam by what they used to call a centimeter up north at the Nat's old home) and ultimately, three runs. We lose 6-5.

Jerry Manuel has been harping on the fact we don't have an 8th inning guy. Now it's safe to say we also don't have a 9th inning guy. I have no Konfidence in Rodriguez anymore.

And the worst part is, soon Kingman's Kooky brother -- a Washington resident and Nats fan -- will be chiming in to mock his former favorite team. At the risk of sounding like our father, I just gotta say...Washington is so messed up these days.

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natkiller said

You need to look up his careeer stats against the Nats before you start casting aspersions. And what's wrong with the Mets and giving games away. My condolences, and we have Strasburg.

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Ron Hunt said

Damn Bro, that's cold. Look at the standings and weep.

Strasburg or not, you'll be looking up for years.

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