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Shea Stadium Festival for Peace
The Shea Stadium Concert For Peace was one of the most remarkable and underreported events in Shea/Mets history.

The gig happened August 6, 1970 - the 25th anniversary of the use of the Atom Bomb over Japan. Performers at the festival included Creedence Clearwater Revival, Paul Simon, Sha Na Na, Poco, Johnny Winter and dozens more.

Janis Joplin was a surprise guest. This would be one of her last appearances ever - two months later, Janis was dead.

You can read more details and memories from the show in my old posts. There is no video and few reports about the show. In fact, many attendees have found Loge13's posts on the subject through the years and left their memories...making Loge13 the best resource for eyewitness accounts about Shea Stadium's Festival for Peace. We're very proud of that. Shea literally rocked that day - the upper levels were swaying from the dancing and good vibes.

Today, photographer Ken Davidoff left his account of the show, which is noteworthy because he was BACKSTAGE as an invited guest of Johnny Winter's manager.

After you read his comment, go back to his site, where he has posted many of his photos from that day.

Thanks Ken. Over to you:

I was going to The School Of Visual Arts studying photography,I was backstage, I had a press pass and had photographed Johnny Winter at the Palm Beach Pop Festival the year before.

Janis Joplin was in the corner of the dressing room all decked out in her feathers, with lots of bracelets on her arms. I walked up to her and said " Do you want to smoke a joint" "No thanks, that stuff makes me crazy" and with that she takes out a brown paper bag with a bottle and takes a swig.

At that moment Johnny Winter walks in. He sees Janice and they greet each other like long lost friends. Johnny grabs the bottle from Janis,and takes a drink, Janice grabs it back and does the same ,this goes on until it's finished.

I managed to get off a few frames, also some pics of Johnny and Rick Derringer jamming. My site where you can see all of my photos from that day is www.oldrockphoto.com/shea.html I too have memories of the stadium tiers bouncing up and down, that concert really rocked the house.I hope everyone enjoys the photos, Peace, Ken

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Chris Mcknight said

My first concert, Johnny Winter rocked the house, Janis Joplin was surprise guest and made them turn off the house lights . Richie Havens had the upper deck swaying to Freedom.

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