— Days Without Shea —

Every time we get down on this team and this season, the boys go and do something right.

During another another successful homestand, the Mets took 5 out of six from 2009 World Series opponents the Spankees and the Phillies.

With last night's 3-0 victory, the Mets completed a series shutout for only the second time in team history (the last time? 1969). Yes the Phillies have a couple injuries but so what? We have Oliver Perez.

It's great to see Dickey, Takahashi and other blue (and orange) collar players stepping up to get the job done. As long as those guys keep putting up the zeros, we can keep that other zero in the bullpen until he finally agrees to go down to the minors or otherwise departs.

Meanwhile, Kingman Senior and I were at the game Wednesday for Takahashi's gem. I went into Caesar's club for the first time ever and took a few photos.

This photo is a tad washed out but you get the idea of how big the room is:

I have to admit the food is outstanding here. We just happened to run into Ron Hunt at the bar and had a good time hanging out and enjoying the awesome view of Flushing Meadow Park and the parking lot. If you look closely, you can still see the smoky outlines of Shea Stadium rising from the asphalt. http://www.loge13.com/img/Caesar%27s%20club%20view.jpg
As nice as this club is, it is still lame that the Mets segregate access to these restaurants. At least offer the option of a cover charge for folks if they don't have the appropriate level ticket.  Met fans, regardless of ticket location, should be able to enter any place in the stadium if the Mets want the stadium to really feel like home.   

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