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by Kingman on May 17 at 10:32AM
Amazin Avenue conducted a nice little interview with Cow Bell man.

You can read the whole interview on their site. Here is the snippet about Shea:

Ok that brings me to an interesting question, Citi Field or Shea Stadium?

CBW:  I hate to say it but I liked Shea better.  This is a beautiful new stadium we have here don't get me wrong, but the thing about Shea was that people were just more into the game there than they are here.  At Citi Field now, it feels like people are more into walking around, getting all the food, checking out the clubs than watching the games.  Even at the best games, the Yankees games, the Phillies games, when the place is sold out, you look around and there are lots of empty seats because people are out and about.  Sometimes it feels more like a tourist attraction.

Ah the complexities of Cow Bell Man. Did he just complain about people WALKING AROUND at Citi Field? His unrestrained perambulations throughout the years has been a source of annoyance for many Met fans. He never bothered me that much, although I'm more a fan of the Pin Guy  But for many Loge13'ers and others, Cow Bell man's all access pass has been ill received, he was actually banned from walking by Loge 9 back at Shea.

And struck a certain way, that cowbell can pierce right through the innocent Met fan's skull. Lets face it - that's no Honkey Tonk Woman cowbell he's wielding, or even a Low Rider-esque vibe. If Iron Butterfly's collection could be channeled into a cowbell, I imagine it would sound much like the heavy hand of CBM. 

But cowbell and let cowbell is my motto. I would like to know if CBM is allowed to walk through all of Citi Field and if so, what sort of ticket does he have to buy? I can't get into most areas of Citi Field with our tickets. Maybe next game, I'll bring my own cowbell. Then we can duet.

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Ron Hunt said

I'm shocked this blog is giving time to this ballpark annoyance! He deserves to be banished!

I even hear him via the TV broadcasts at home nowadays, or I could be imagining it. Grrr!

I'm now thinking of changing my thoughts on Shea, so as not to agree w/him on anything.

And what about the cowbell in "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" by BOC?

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Paul said

Do not ask for whom the "BELL" tolls....
It Tolls For Thee....

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