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by Kingman on May 12 at 9:22AM
Great item from Big League Stew:

So apparently the Mets have had a little problem with trash blowing around the playing surface at Citi Field. Monday's night's game with the Nationals had to be stopped for a cleanup by the grounds crew and last weekend's visit from the Giants featured similar problems.

But get this: The Mets also have no plans to curb the problem because trash on the field actually equals a big fat win in their world. Or at least that's what a Mets executive implies with a quote that's certain to be in the running for Big League Stew honors at season's end.

From the New York Times:

Dave Howard, the Mets' executive vice president for business operations, said the team had no plans to add more trash cans or extra workers to the 18-member crew to deal with the litter.

"It's sort of good now that there is debris to be blown out there," Howard said. "It shows people are spending some money and buying food and drink and enjoying themselves."

Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen. You've just heard the greatest attempt at spin to ever come out of the Mets office. Needless to say, that's really saying something. 

And in other news, it's sort of good that Howard said this. It shows that wire photo services can stay in business by supplying file pictures of Mets stars and trash dumps to baseball bloggers who are also drawing a salary while repurposing them for increased Internet traffic. It's a beautiful thing, really. 

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