— Days Without Shea —

Back in February, news broke about 85-year-old Aramark employee Mildred Block and her suit against the company for age discrimination.

Block alleged that during Shea Stadium's final season, she was replaced at her lucrative beer station in right field with a younger employee, resulting in lost wages and tips.

The age discrimination case was thrown out of court two months ago.

Block's son posted a comment on my original post, providing a brief update on the status of the situation:

"My mother was tranferred to another stand but the judge misunderstood. The 40 year old helper stayed. He sold the beer and my mother took the money. She could only go as fast as the 49 year old gave out the beer. They both should have been taken off the stand. As we all know during intermission all stands especially beer stands have long lines. This is in all ball parks. After we filed an EEO complaint that is when ARAMARK tried to cover it up by having a 75 year old work with the 40 year old. We will appeal it to the courts get it right."

Good luck, Martin. Let us know what beer stand Mildred is working at in Citi Field this year and we will send business her way.

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