— Days Without Shea —

The Meigray Group has launched its latest auction of Shea stuff.

There's clearly not much left, or else they are hoarding some good mementos. Still there are some niche items that definitely should appeal to some target audience. Some old team flags that once flew above Shea are here, including the Dodgers and a hideous San Diego banner (how many shades of brown are in that thing?).

The country flags are interesting too. And there are several section signs from most every level. But of course, no Loge13 signs. They went to good homes.

Auction ends tomorrow.

BTW good people of Meigray Group, if you are reading this: Loge13.com is one of the few outlets (maybe the only)mentioning your auctions. Feel free to send us some free samples or give us a heads up on future auctions.

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dyhrdmet said

wow, even I gave up looking at the auction block. at this point, i'm surprised to see prices so high. i'd figure they want to clear out that warehouse and just move on.

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