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Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it.

Those who recognize their history go on big fat winning streaks.

Let the record show: since the Mets christened Gil Hodges gate and Tom Seaver Gate at Citi Field last Thursday, they have won seven straight games.

The Mets easily beat the Dodgers 7-3 this afternoon, completing their second straight series sweep.

Among the highlights:
- John Maine pitches six strong innings for the win, with 9 strikeouts.

- David Wright went 2-4, his second straight solid game.

- Ike Davis also went 2-4 and is now batting .355.

- The Mets are currently in 1st place, a half game over the Phillies, who we face next this weekend.

If the Mets are smart, they will now spend the rest of the season rechristening every gate, every section, every bathroom in honor of past Mets and past glories. Lets go Mets!


[April 28, 2010 9:10 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Flushing Baseball Daily said

I generally don't believe in ghosts or jinxes, but in this case you might be right. There was bad mojo in Citi last season and I think part of it had to do with the mixed up history they were presenting.

[April 28, 2010 9:40 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Jonathan Joseph said

I've got some ideas for those bathroom dedications:
Bobby Bonilla, Vince Coleman, Jim Fregosi, Mo Vaughn....

[April 29, 2010 8:17 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Paul said

Went to the game yesterday and besides freezing my ass off, had a really good time. Went to the METS Hall Of Fame for the first time and met Larry King. He agreed that it was about time the Mets started making Citi Field feel more like a home.

Seats were in the Caesars Gold, Sect 323, and wound up having the row pretty much to ourselves. Attendance was announced at 29,724 but I say they were lucky if they had 20k in the house.

Between innings, started talking to the people around me and found out that everyone:
a) Bought their tickets off Stub-Hub.
b) Most either had a Saturday or Sunday Plan at Shea in the Loge.

The top reason for not renewing was location and price. All were contacted a couple of times this year but said they rather not go if they cant have their same view they had at Shea. AMEN TO THAT!

Hopefully the Mets will come to their senses...or they will be playing in front of a half-empty field like yesterday.

[April 29, 2010 9:15 AM]  |  link  |  reply
kingman said


As in CNN's Larry King? That's very cool you met him and cool he spent a Wednesday afternoon with the Mets. I have new respect for the man.

[April 29, 2010 9:17 AM]  |  link  |  reply
kingman said

FBD - I agree. I am not overly superstitious either but some things are beyond our mortal powers of reasoning.

Jonatahn Joseph - excellent suggestions for the bathroom. I'd have to add Mike Torrez and Brett Saberhagen to the list.

[April 29, 2010 11:17 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Robert Z said

Larry King: "Mr. Wilpon, how important is Mets history at Citifield?"

[April 29, 2010 11:43 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Chris Tric said

I like the idea of the urinals being named after guys like Turk Wendell and Butch Huskey. Perhaps the Benny Agbayani snack shop? Or the Bernard Gilkey Beer Stand?

[April 29, 2010 11:43 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Ron Hunt said

Some additional names for the bathrooms;
- Kenny Rogers
- Richie Hebner
- Eddie Murray

[April 29, 2010 1:53 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Will Musto said

I kind of think it may be a good idea to name a concourse after Kenny Rogers.

Welcome to the Kenny Rogers Walkway

[April 29, 2010 2:05 PM]  |  link  |  reply
charlie said

the Joe Foy memorial bathroom

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