— Days Without Shea —

http://www.loge13.com/img/pelham123.jpgLongtime Loge13 pal Eli checked in recently with this observation:

I just watched the remake of "Taking of the Pelham 123" last night.  Shea Stadium was briefly, but most definitely seen, towards the end of the movie.


There is a runaway train that is racing on the elevated tracks right outside Shea and you can see the stairs and the blue of that big panel of the stadium. 

 Here is a citation from IMDB (under the goofs section)


Errors in geography: When the train is going really fast, you see a quick shot of Shea Stadium (blue facade showing a gate). Shea Stadium was located in Queens (it was demolished before the film's release), and the 6 line does not enter Queens at any point along the line.




When the runaway train was on its way to Coney Island from Midtown, and it passed Shea, it immediately took me out of the film.  "You can't get to Coney Island from midtown, by passing Shea Stadium!  You can't do it!!"  I yelled to no one in particular.


Went to my first game last Tuesday, and LOVED the Mets Hall of Fame.  They've done a nice job with the fixes I think.


Take Care,


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