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Mr. Met
The Mets swept the Dodgers in a blustery Citi Field double-header and are now 6-0 since the Seaver/Hodges Gate ceremonies last Thursday.

Smirk if you must, dear reader, but true Met fans know the power of Karma.  A long-overdue homage to Mets past is undoubtedly having an impact on Mets present. It also helps that our bullpen is much better than those of the Braves and Dodgers.

Unfortunately, my stomach had bad karma yesterday and at the last minute, I couldn't make it to the game. Kingman Senior and Mater Kingman went in my place and enjoyed the wintry weather, along with Ron Hunt and a handful of other people.

Too much to get into now but some quick thoughts:

- Wright was two different players yesterday. He looked absolutely awful in Game 1 and like the old David in game 2. It was especially gratifying to see him drive a bases-clearing triple to the right-center wall. Citi Field was built for that. The whole team seemed to exhale after that play. If David can get a hot streak going before this weekend, these Philly games should be exciting.

- No point in bashing Ollie. He was awful again and is the weakest part of this team. Takahashi deserves some starts now. Send Ollie to the minors to work out whatever is ailing him.

- Bases loaded in game 2, one out. Reyes up. First pitch - Jose squares to bunt. In potential big rally situations - when a base hit could open up the game - we keep seeing certain guys try to bunt. Castillo is a chronic abuser and Beltran has always been a risk to do it too. Now our new #3 hitter? HoJo, if you are reading, please start levying some fines for bunt abuse. Of course, after Reyes failed to bunt, he drove a single up the middle and passed the drawn-in infield.

- Mets go for the sweep today. Its' a big game for John Maine, after he left his last start early. Here's hoping the broom comes in handy.

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Ron Hunt said


We're looking like I hoped we would and I think we will continue to get better. You can see their confidence growing. Great stuff!

As far as Karma Kingman, given the wicked wind blowing at Citi last night, I think Karma was in your favor. The second half of game two looked great at home.

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