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by Kingman on April 19 at 8:49AM
The Mets lost to the Cardinals last night 5-3, ending a 2 and 4 road trip.

Since the Mets did play 20 innings Saturday night and won, shouldn't that count as two victories? Or at least one victory and a tie (for the first scoreless five hours)?

Unfortunately, baseball doesn't work that way. Saturday counts as one win and all the psychological benefits of the marathon win will remain theoretical unless the Mets get some mojo going right now.

The boys are home for a 10 game series, with four against the Cubs, three weekend games with the Braves and then the Dodgers, before heading off to Philly. Random thoughts before tonight's game:

- We're 4 - 8 now. We have to win two of these series to make believers out of most Met fans.

- Ike Davis has to come up immediately. Everyone's expecting it. The Braves are bringing their boy wonder to town Friday. Ike will give the team another shot in the arm, even if he doesn't produce right away.

- Speaking of not producing, we need Jason bay to get cranking. The St. Louis trip decimated his numbers (he's now hitting .217 after an 0 - 7 Saturday and a weak pinch hitting appearance last night). Bay also has no home runs. Time to earn it.

-  Wright & Reyes. This is your time to shine. Jose is still finding his groove at the plate (only 6 hits in 39 at bats so far this year and 10 strikeouts). Once he starts getting on base, this team is going to look dramatically different.

Randy Wells vs. Jon Niese tonight. We'll be out at Shea Field. See ya there?

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Ron Hunt said

Ike is on the way!

While I'm not sure this is the right move, it's exciting no matter how you look at it.

Kinda reminds me of when Strawberry was brought up to a terrible team... but that was May.

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Ron Hunt said

Maybe Daniel Murphy is the new Wally Pip!

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