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by Kingman on April 4 at 8:43PM
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As previously written, Loge13 original Ron Hunt went to the Citi Field workout today.

He also toured the new Hall of Fame and managed to get himself interviewed for this story.

Our Ron Hunt is not one to toss around phony praise...especially when it comes to anything Blue & Orange. But he has good things to say about the new Mets shrine:

"We've been coming here since it opened, and I've had partial season tickets for 27 years. ... I'm really happy," said Marv Muller of northern Westchester. "This is a good step in the right direction. I was here in the offseason to change my seats, and they were painting the walls blue-and-orange. They got rid of the Ebbets Club, and it's now the Champions Club."

Newman said he expected those kind of reviews, and he also said that any ticket-holder will be allowed access on game days. The Mets still aren't sure how long to open the museum when the team isn't home, but it's a policy that will evolve over time.

I presume they edited out the cursing. Nice job! Couldn't you get a Loge13.com mention in there?

Now I gotta get to the HOF first thing tomorrow.

2010 baseball - here we come.

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Ron Hunt said

As a matter of fact I did mentioned loge13.com to the reporter, Spenser, who was filling in for Marty Noble, who I saw in Jupiter and we also talked about.

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Paul said

It nice to read about all the changes made outside the lines. Maybe the place will start feeling like a home. With inside the lines being another story, and the Mets unwilling to change their so called "Saturday Plan", for the first time in 23 years...I AM HOMELESS.

Not that they didn't try. They called me 5 times. After 14 years in Loge 10,I was not willing to go backwards and accept seats in the Caesars Club. I want my "between the bases view" so it was off to Plan B.

Started my own Saturday Plan with seats off Stub Hub, and so far its working great. Got seats for 4/10 in Sect 324 for $65, well below the $112 face valve. I LOVE IT!

Have fun all you LOGE 13'ers going to Opening Day. Looking forward for the post-game review in your new home....Paul

[April 5, 2010 7:25 AM]  |  link  |  reply
kingman said

Paul, I am very sorry that things didn't work out for you and you kin. But I am very happy at you crafted your own plan. That may indeed be the wave of the future. The Mets (and really all teams) are allowing StubHub and other outlets to supplant the team's direct relationship with fans/customers. It is only going to hurt them down the line.

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