— Days Without Shea —

by Kingman on April 19 at 11:15PM
The Ike Davis era started tonight and it was like old times in Loge 13 (a.k.a. Ex 307) as the Mets beat the Cubs 6-1.

My Dad, Kingman Senior, and I were there with Ron Hunt (misrepresented as Run Hunt earlier). Also in attendance: the Bayside Boys. The ghosts of Shea were smiling upon us indeed as the overlords of old Loge13 came together once again.

And the Mets did not disappoint to start the home stand. Although the crowd was sparse (I'd say 30,000 tops), the faithful were thrilled to welcome Ike Davis. Only David Wright and Xavier Nady got more applause during the intros...and only Nady and Ike deserved them.

As we entered Citi Field's Jackie Robinson rotunda, I took this photo of the Mets lineup...with Ike's picture in the 6th slot.


I also took some video of Ike's debut at first and his first hit. Sadly I don't have the cables to download the clips atm so we'll have to wait to share them together.

Starter Jon Niese pitched a solid 5.2 innings with 7 strikeouts. In the 5th, he got into a bases loaded jam but struck out two Cubs to escape.

In the bottom of the 5th, the Mets loaded them up (with Niese contributing a single). Castillo poked an infield single to give the Mets a lead. Wright then struck out with the bases loaded

A note on David - he looks just plain awful at the plate. Kingman Senior wanted me to post this advice to Wright: Stop going out and partying every night. Or start going out if you aren't. Whatever you're doing now isn't helping. 

After the Cubs tied the score in the 6th, Pagan popped a two run homer in the 7th, followed by a Bay RBI double.

As for our man Ike, he went 2-4, with a sharp single in his first at bat and an RBI single in the 7th, scoring the Mets' 5th run. He also drove one to the warning track in right in the 6th inning.

Overall Ike looked good. The kid is big and has poise on the field and at the plate. Plus he has good theme music: we heard strains of AC-DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long" and Van Halen's "Panama" as he strode to the plate this evening.

So the bats came alive in Queens tonight and the 5-8 Mets gave us a glimpse of hope. A nice win without any contribution from a resting Reyes and a wayward Wright. If those guys get hot, they might someday grow up to be Ike Davis.

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RustyBlob said

...now let's get Wally at coach!

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Paul said

One question about the attendance Monday night, Box Score showed 27,940 but I saw alot of empties, what did you guys think? Also the Saturday "Stub-Hub" Plan keeps working well. Got Sect 316 for 4/24 @ $70 a seat and my birthday 4/28 in Sect 323 @ $55 a seat. So far this year, 3 games all in Caesars Gold, for $174 less than face value a seat.

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kingman said


Great to hear the Stub-Hub plan is working out. I hope the Mets will come to their senses. Their ticket office is still cold calling me, asking if I'm coming to the park this year...even though I bought tickets already. They are hurting.

And yes there were thousands of empty seats. The entire upper promenade in left field was empty. Even our section was sparsely attended. The Loge13 regulars were able to spread out into the many empty rows behind us.

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