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by Kingman on April 29 at 8:58AM
As the Mets enjoy a hard-earned day off after an epic 9-1 homestand, we'll take care of some quasi-baseball business here in the offices of Loge13.

First order of business: The Mets have resurrected the old water taxi service out to the ballgame, according to NY Mag:

A couple of years ago, the Mets ended their water taxi out to Shea Stadium, saying the construction on the new stadium made docking dangerous. When they failed to bring back the water taxi the next season, or last season, we were crestfallen.

Well, good news: The water taxis are back! You can take them to Citi Field or Yankee Stadium. Some changes from last time include: There's only one pickup point (Pier 11 Wall Street); it only goes one way (you'll have to find a different way home); it leaves considerably later than the old boats (you'll be at the game a half-hour before game time); and it's free (it cost $20 round-trip before). Space is limited to 147 people each game, which is crazy: We have no idea why anyone would take any other  transportation to the game.

I like the "free" part.

As if that's not good enough, roving Loge13 reporter Don Hahn Solo pointed out this exotic little hideaway - the Worlds Fair Cafe & Fuel Dock.

As the site says:

"At the Worlds Fair Cafe and Gas Dock we feature a great view of the water, mouth watering cheeseburgers and philly cheesesteaks, and cheap cold refreshing beer. Our waterfront outdoor patio is an ideal place to laugh, unwind, and just have a great time in a friendly atmosphere. Within walking distace of Shea, it is the perfect spot to pre-game. Locals often call us the best kept secret of Shea Stadium well now Citi Field."

Based on the photo, I might argue with the "walking distance of Shea" part, although I appreciate they still refer to Shea as if it's still there. And after sampling a few of the "Any 2 beers for $6" specials, that walk would be especially fatiguing.

But this looks like a very cool place. If any of you have ever been there, please let us know. And if you took the water taxi back in the old days, I'd love to hear your thoughts on that too.

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Mike said

I cooled my jets at the World's Fair Cafe a couple of times, either when I got at a game ridiculously early or in between games of a double-header. Haven't been since Shea became Citi, but I definitely remember enjoying it. I didn't eat there (the food looked kinda ho-hum), but I definitey partook of their cheap beer (far cheaper than anything at the ballpark). Standing out on the peir on a warm, sunny day, a beer in hand, looking out at the water....it's tough not to come away from that experience in a good mood.

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