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If most Met fans were charged with building a new stadium for the favorite team, one of the first things they would have done when the last brick was in place would be to dedicate a gate, a wall or SOMETHING to Gil Hodges and Tom Seaver.

OK and maybe I would have also re-opened Casey's Pub. But definitely something for Seaver and Hodges.

Yet it took the Mets until their second season to officially christen the Seaver gate and Hodges gate. At least it's done now.

The Franchise was on hand for the ceremony Thursday afternoon, as was Gil Hodge's widow. According to the NY Times coverage, Seaver called Hodges "the most important man in my professional career."

"Seaver also praised the Mets' efforts to reconnect with their history, which he said was vital and overdue. "They went a long time with not understanding how important an organization's history is," Seaver said. "I say that from my standpoint not as a player, but as a youth, because it is such a game that ties generations."

Citi Field feels alot more familiar this year, and not because it's the second year. There are plenty more reminders of Met lore. The Hall of Fame is nice (we breezed through it opening day and will file a full report later this season). Shea Bridge is cool. The banners of old Met players throughout the stadium is wonderful. Now lets lower some of these ticket prices so more actual Met Fans can come enjoy the game.

Here is the ceremony coverage from Mets.com:

NEW YORK -- The main gripe regarding Citi Field last season was that it did not pay nearly enough tribute to the history of the Mets.

But when Tom Seaver welcomed Joan Hodges into the park's Gil Hodges VIP entrance on Thursday, it became clear that that is no longer the case.

Seaver, widely regarded the best pitcher in Mets history, posed for pictures with Joan Hodges, widow of Gil, an original Met and manager of the team for four seasons.

"It's imperative that they do it," Seaver said of implementing history in Citi Field. "They went a long time not understanding how important the organization's history is."

Earlier this season, the Mets also dedicated a team Hall of Fame and museum adjacent to the Jackie Robinson Rotunda behind home plate.

"It's important to me and it's important to them," Seaver said of the team's fans. "It's important to see how the history grows within this organization."

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