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by Kingman on April 17 at 10:39PM
10:49 - PM. The Mets scored one in the top of the 19th against the Cards. I pulled out my laptop two innings ago to write up my thoughts. Now I'm live blogging.

This game is killing me. K-Rod just gave up a single to Molina to tie the game in the 19th. The guy just caught 19 innings and he pokes a single.

10:52 - Mather comes out to pitch a second inning of relief. Three innings of position players pitching to us. We have to take some pitches.

BTW today is Shea Stadium's birthday. She would have been 46 years old today.

Pelfrey is now warming up in the bullpen. He can only have an inning or two in him.

Yes Jacobs finally gets a hit tonight, with a strong single to right. Pagan goes to third. Reyes has to take a strike here.

10:55 Reyes flies out to center. Pagan scores on a sacrifice. Now Castillo is up. Luis bunted last inning for no good reason. Now he pops out to short left field. Ugh.

Wright is 1-5 with two walks. Not exactly a breakout night for David. Now he pops up. Mathers only gave up two runs over two innings. He's either pretty effective or we pretty much need to fire our hitting coach.

10:59 - Pelfrey is coming in for the bottom of the 20th. Not only is this an historic game, it is now a huge game for the season. If the Mets can win, it will really pump up the team. A loss will be absolutely deflating.

11:01 - Lopez makes the first out. Now Mathers is up. It'll be interesting to see if his pitching has any lingering effects on his arm the rest of the season. La Russa was basically willing to concede the game in the 17th when he brought in Lopez but we still didn't put it away. Mathers flies out. One more out to go Pelfrey!

11:03 - Ryan laces a single by Wright. Now Skip Schumaker is up. And he walks on four straight pitches. I'm in pain.

11:06 - The umps are squeezing us in the 20th. Clearly they have nowhere to be tonight.

11:07 After 20 innings, 6 hours and 53 minutes, Pelfrey gets his first career save. The Mets win 2-1. K-Rod gets the win. Joe Mathers the loss.

Wow I gotta step away but that's an epic win. The Mets hitters certainly did not bring their best bats to the park today but this is the sort of victory that might shake loose some momentum. And you have to hand it to the bullpen. Everyone did their part, except K-Rod the guy we are paying the most to preserve late (and ultra late) inning leads.

Lets play two!!!

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dyhrdmet said

for the last hour or two of the game, facebook was buzzing with my friends from the Mets fan and blogging communities on their statuses and blog's pages as the wackiness unfolded. I've never seen anything like this.

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Mike said

While initially I was disappointed we didn't do better against the freakin' shortstop and left-fielder when they were pitching, upon further reflection, there are an awful lot of positives to take away. Like holding the Cardinals scoreless for as long as we did. The very impressive relief pitching from (almost) everyone (sorry Frankie). That terrific catch by Cora. And finally that we played a 20-inning game....and won.

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kingman said

You're right, there was a great buzz during the game and all day today. It will be interesting to see how they respond tonight. Maine has been doing alot of extra work on the side. Friday Warthen said Maine was going to surprise everyone this weekend. A complete game would be a nice surprise.

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