— Days Without Shea —

The Mets won their home opener and the Loge 13 faithful rejoiced in their new digs.

For the second time since Shea Stadium's untimely demise, the Loge 13 gypsies have moved again to a new home. And we have nothing but good news to report today. Citi Field feels more like a home field this year.  As my Dad Kingman Senior said, the ballpark is less a museum to Jackie Robinson and more a tribute to the Mets. Images from the past are everywhere in the form of black & white photos and banners. I was immediately impressed by the Rusty Staub banner hanging right in front of the park, next to an Al Leiter.

The most tasteful change: the ramp between center and left has been renamed Shea Bridge. Here are some photos from Ron Hunt:



Our new seats are in Section 307, behind short right field and a million light years away from the awful seats we had in Prom Box 427. We are back on the first base side of things, just like Loge 13. And like the old place, we are completely covered by an overhang. We knew we were in the right place when we ran into our old usher Hank from Shea! In fact, I saw a few other ushers from the Loge era on the 300 level. So that's where they went.

Overall it was a great day at the park. Johan pitched a fine game. Six innings 103 pitches. The new guys all contributed. Bay had two nice hits, including a triple. Matthews smacked a couple hits and Barajas had a single and RBI double. It was great to see Wright lace a home run in his first at bat. And it was a relief to watch the other team muck up on the field for a change. The Marlins had three errors in the 6th, which took away from some defensive gems they made earlier in the game.

Best of all, the Yankees lost last night. So for the moment we are the first place team in NYC. Break up the Mets!

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Ross Jones said

Glad to hear about the fixes. Since nobody is picking the Mets do much this year, it wouldn't surprise me if our boys overachieve and make some noise in the NL. It is torture to watch the Yankees play a 4+ hour opus every time they play the Red Sox.

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