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by Kingman on March 1 at 10:04AM
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Loge13 reader Paul asked in an earlier post if we had made any progress on our seat woes with the Mets.

Indeed we did. The entire Loge13 crew is back together again and on the right side of the field where we belong.

For the 2010 campaign, we will be in Section 308, rows 7 and 8. Our own Ron Hunt went out to the stadium this winter and scouted out locations. Thanks RH for doing the leg work.

As regular readers know, we did not renew our seats up in Promenade Box 427 and were prepared to sit out the year (or the rest of our lives). Frankly, Prom Box 427 just stunk. The view was OK, as long as you are not a fan of left field. But the standing room nonsense behind us was intolerable. Plus it just felt odd to be sitting on the third base side after 24 years of being behind first base.

The Mets front office was very accommodating, no surprise given how poor ticket sales seem to be. And the weekday game plan is still intact. The only downer to the schedule is that there are no day games at all, except for Opening Day.

Obviously, the weekday plans are great for us. If they forced us to take a bunch of weekend games, we'd never do it. So my empathy is with all you Saturday and Sunday plan veterans out there. What are the Mets saying about just offering pure weekend plans again? Any chance it will happen? Let me know.

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Doug said

Congratulations on your new digs. I hope you enjoy them.

I've read elsewhere that the Mets received a lot of flack from 15-gamers for the Fri, Sat, and Sun plans for them being split 10 and 5. That other team created their 15-game Fri, Sat, and Sun plans as 13+2. At least they get all the ___day games in their plan. With the Mets, apparently you don't. The Ticket Office admitted this was a big reason for fans not renewing, but said that, at least for 2010, there will be no change to the plan structure. Only time will tell if the ticket office wises up and makes some SMART changes for 2011, like, bringing back Shea-like plans.

There is only so much crap that your fans are willing to eat.


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Paul said

All the best in your new home. Unlike you, We have NO HOME. We were unwilling to compromise. After 23 years we wanted what we had at Shea. That was Loge-Type seats between the bases, a SATURDAY ONLY Plan with Playoff rights. At $iti Field that meant Caesars Level Sects 311 to 327. We were offered Sect 326 or 312 but we were not willing to pay that price for 5 middle of the week games we would not go to or recoup the average price of $80 per seat cost. Maybe for the Tigers in Aug but not for the Cubs (In April) Washington, Rockies or Pirates.
So its off to Plan "B". This worked very well last year when we abandoned our Sect 430 seats by July and payed half price for tickets the rest of the season.
Again, best of luck at your new home....

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kingman said

Thanks Paul. I feel for you and your crew. It is just plain goofy that the Mets abandoned the weekend-only plan. Hang tough and if Loge13 can help spread the word, just say the word.

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Doug said

It's obvious when you look at the plan structures that have been in place since 2009 that the Mets MBA's apparently packaged games to sell the most tickets, figuring that the team wouldn't be sucking, and that demand for seating in the new park would drive up demand.

Well, the 'new park' fancy wearing off and half the team being on IR in 2009 jettisoned those plans.

What games will they sell, regardless? Opening Day, plus the three against the Yankees. So, lets market one of those games in a package. 20 games is too much. Let's make them 15.

Oh wait, we still have to sell another batch of games that have no draw? What to do? Let's steal 3 Friday, 3 Saturday, and 3 Sunday games from plans that will sell and lump them with 6 games that we can't sell on their own merit, and presto! the weekend-plus plan!

So there you have it. Five plans that were designed to sell the most tickets possible, based on a good team and a strong demand for a ticket to the new park.

I am hoping, that in 2011, the Mets realize that they will need to restructure their partial plans to bring back those who, guess what, only want to / can go to games on certain days of the week.

The Mets were always very generous with their partial plans when compared to other clubs, and here's hope that they become generous yet again.


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