— Days Without Shea —

I've been out most of the week at a conference. But I can't let this occasion pass without saying:


Yes it was three years ago Friday when I posted the Loge13 Manifesto, which inspired countless several of you to become regular readers.

We couldn't stop the destruction of Shea. We couldn't halt Jose Reyes' overactive thyroid. But we'd like to think we helped a bit in the Mets' decision to offer partial season plans at Citi Field.  Oh yeah, and we caused the Great Recession. Sorry about that last thing.

Serious thanks to all of you who have tagged along these past three years. I intended to shut this site down when Shea Stadium was no more but your kindness has kept me going. See you at the ballpark in 2010 and you are welcome in Loge 13 (Section 308) anytime.


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Doug said

Tickets are shipping as I type.

Feel free to give me stubs so that I may enter the golden palace that is the Caesar's Club Level. No Caesar Ticket, no admittance.

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Ron Hunt said

Congrats on the anniversary Kong!

Thanks for keeping the spirit of Big Shea alive! Looking forward to the new digs in 308!

We'll keep plugging away at the front office and winning. We'll wear them down. We'll outlast them.

Soon we'll be back in our rightful spot, virtual Loge13 at Citi.

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