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by Kingman on March 19 at 11:54AM
Loge13 was always a place where friends and family would sit and chat about all things, Mets and non-Mets.

During the lean years (pretty much every year except 1985 - 1988, 1999 - 2000, and 2006) we spent alot of time in our seats talking about everything BUT the Mets. That sort of between-inning banter has been missing from Loge13.com. Today that changes, as I feel like talking about music.

Alex Chilton has passed on. The winter has not been kind to cherished rockers. First Doug Feiger, now this. My favorite Alex Chilton story is more about the song than the band. In 1988 the Replacements came to Boston for two nights. So out of respect, my friends got really silly for two straight days and saw both shows.

During the day of the second show, the Mats were doing a record signing at some music store in Kenmore Square. We showed up all wobbly, only to find the band was even more tipsy. They were drinking 12 packs of Old Swill and sniffing the markers they used to sign various parcels of crap. I had them sign my copy of their rare live album  "The Shit Hits The Fans" and a Ricky Nelson tape (Paul Westerberg wrote "F*%# School" on it and told me he learned everything he knows from Ricky).

My friend George then asked Paul to explain what tuning he used for "Alex Chilton." It must have been the first serious question he got all day because Paul seemed to immediately sober up and started explaining the tuning, the chord structures, the song et al. Then he got befuddled and said, "Tell ya what, we'll play it real slow for you tonight." He didn't of course but my friend George swears Paul said "Pay attention" when he started Alex Chilton that night. But we were all drunk so who really knows.

I guess I wrote all this because another great lover and creator of music has left us. So rather than wait for the next bummer news, go put on some Paul Westerberg (or whoever your favorite shoulda-been-famous rocker is) and be grateful they are still rocking.

Oddly, Alex received a special mention from the floor of the House of Representatives March 18th. So did the Replacements, another sign of the Apocalypse:

And here's a later version of "In the street" performed by the regrouped Big Star:

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